BURBUTEK’s products are manufactured with the highest quality. Our rolls of bubble wrap, polyethylene rolls and our polyethylene filling are ideal to PACK, PROTECT, WRAP, TRANSPORT, COVER or STORE all kinds of fragile articles and objects, reducing the damage due to handling.

They offer high performance and flexibility, as well as a low tendency to go out of shape. They do not contain thermal anti-inhibiting and/or stabilizers. They can be reused, since their composition makes them eco-friendly.

Our advantage
We are manufacturers; this is why we can manufacture with special cuts and measurements to cover the needs of any company. We can also manufacture bags with polyethylene and bubble wrap covers, according to the clients’ needs. (For minimum purchase amounts, contact our purchase agents)

The geometrical distribution of BURBUTEK’s bubbles, as well as the shape and size of the FILLTEK filling materials favor the resistance during stowing. They also help to reduce damage due to impact and optimize storage space.